Dr Winkler | New year, new eyes: all about eye rejuvenation
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New year, new eyes: all about eye rejuvenation

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But what surrounds the eyes also reveals a lot about a person. Things like dark rings, eyelid bags and crows’ feet are the normal telltale signs of ageing, made worse by factors like smoking and dehydration.

As you get older, muscles lose their tone and the skin around your eyes decrease in elasticity. This causes folds to appear on your upper eyelids and deep creases under your lower lids. It’s also normal for eyebrows to start thinning over time.

While these changes are part of growing old, there are a number of options available to you if you feel you are starting to look old in the eye area. When you consider eye rejuvenation surgery, it’s important to remember that the eye area is more than just the eye and the eyelid. It includes your eyebrows, your upper and lower eyelids and the area where your lower eyelids meet your cheek.

Treatment of one area impacts on another, so the entire eye area needs to be evaluated and treated as a whole. A consultation and examination by your plastic surgeon is essential before embarking on any treatment, so that we may create a tailor-made plan for you. As with most of our procedures, a combination of surgery and non-surgical treatments will give you the best results.


Excess upper eyelid skin

The only treatment for excess skin on the upper eyelid is surgery. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty will remove the excess skin, muscle and any excess fat (if deemed necessary). This can be done under local or general anaesthesia. Expect your eyes to be bruised and swollen for at least a week. Stitches are removed five days after the surgery. Keep in mind that a drooping eyebrow may need to be fixed before or at the time of surgery.


Lower eyelid bags and dark circles

The lower eyelids are the most complicated part of the eye area with regards to rejuvenation. However, if you opt for surgery, a number of ‘problems’ can be addressed in one operation (e.g. it may be combined with a mid-facelift). 

There are numerous factors that need to be considered, such as skin excess, fat in the lower eyelid bags and the loss of fat and volume over the cheek. The tension of the lower eyelid and its position in relation to the eyeball are other factors that may need to be treated. 

If you only have minor dark circles and small bags to treat, these can easily be masked with dermal fillers, which will address the volume loss to create an even surface. 


Laugh lines or crow’s feet

Wrinkles around the eyes are usually etched into the skin, typically caused by smiling/laughing and squinting, and exaggerated by volume (fat) loss over the cheeks. Compare your skin to a balloon that slowly deflates – the deflation cause wrinkling to something that was previously taut. The best solution in this case would be Botox injections over the outer part of the eye or filler over the outer cheek.



If your eyebrows start to droop, the skin excess of the upper eyelid can give someone a tired and sad look. Others develop deep grooves between the brows, resulting in a stern, angry and unapproachable look.

Depending on the severity of the grooves, brows can be lifted with Botox, Silhouette Soft Threads, filler or with a surgical brow lift. If you are experiencing thinning brows, consider microblading tattoos, where each hair is tattooed onto the brow. 


Not sure which type of treatment is right for you? Then please get in touch with us to set up an appointment with Dr Winkler.



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